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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard turnaround time?

Most orders are shipped out within 1-3 business days. If we have all the components we need to complete your job it will ship out quickly, but if parts are back ordered or delayed in shipping it could delay your order.

Do your stamps come with ink?

Self inking stamps and pre-inked stamps come with ink in them, wooden stamps do not come with ink. If you want ink for your wooden stamp you’ll have to get a stamp pad.

Can stamps be used to imprint clay?

Yes! If you want to use a stamp for imprinting clay, you can use a wooden stamp. You can use a wooden stamps to add a logo and/text to clay.

Can I get a notary stamp if I don't give you a copy of my certificate?

It depends on what state you're in! Certain states (like Oregon) require us to have a copy of your certificate, if you are in one of the states that has that requirement we will not legally be able to make your stamp without a copy.

Can you make a stamp using a font other than the ones on your website?

Yes! You can either contact us, or you can upload a design with your specific font already used!

How long do stamps last?

The life span of a stamp depends on a lot of things, such as: how often it's used, what type of stamp it is, how delicately it's treated, etc. There have been stamps we have made that have lasted 20 years!

What is the best ink to use?

All of our stamps are made using stamp rubber, which is very durable and can be used safely with many different ink types. Though we recommend using water based inks which are the do the least amount of deterioration to the stamp dies.

Do you offer discounts for high volume orders?

Yes! If you would like to get a quote on a large order, fell free to contact us!

What type of ink can I use for non-porous surfaces?

We stock StazOn ink, which is specifically made for non-porous surfaces.

How long does standard shipping take?

Our standard shipping is USPS first class mail, which is typically 1-3 days. Though shipping times can vary due to delays or location.

Can you do custom jobs? (engravings, awards, trophies, etc.)

Of course we accept custom projects! We offer many different products and services, if you would like to talk to us about a custom project we are more than happy to help! You can email us at to start.

Do you accept purchase orders, or net 30 terms?

Yes, but not online. We are able to set businesses, organizations, agencies, etc. up on net 30 terms but they must provide us with the necessary information and be approved. If you want to be set up on net 30 terms you will have to do your ordering via email/phone/fax because our website requires payment when ordering.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to contact us!